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Systemizing Your Work For Faster Design Purposes

Systemizing Your Work For Faster Design Purposes

Being a professional designer means handling several projects at once. If you don’t, you’re not going to sustain a living from designing alone. Of course you want to make every project unique and special, but this is time consuming. Systemizing your work for faster design purposes is the good way to approach heavy workloads and short deadlines, while still adding your unique touch.

Short Distances

You want to keep your tools, albums and maybe a few presets close-by by creating special shortcuts. If you don’t have to go looking for what you need, it really saves up on time. Of course these don’t have to be part of the final product, but it’s a good place to start.

You can even go as far as creating some basic text styles for the headings, captions, headlines etc. Then you simply add them to quick keys, and if changes are needed it will be done a lot quicker, especially when working with Adobe.

Stay Consistent

You know what system works best for you, even if you don’t always like it. Now you just have to stay consistent with that system. More specifically, you want to organize everything as often as possible.

While most people do quite well at the start, they tend to fall off the wagon after slipping once or twice. So, put some effort in your organizing strategy and get a routine going.

Keep A Small Arsenal Of Typefaces

This is another trick to simply give the project a jump start and get things going, because the typefaces can always be changed later on. But some projects won’t come with typeface specifics, which mean you have to use one that’ll be universal, yet effective.

Systemizing Your Work For Faster Design Purposes


As a side note, it won’t hurt having the same approach with your color palette.

Tools Matter

It’s true that a great artist can use anything to brilliantly express him or herself, but this is a business. People want results, and you need the right tools in order to get those results.

Also, by using the right tools from the start means better chances of a gaining a satisfied client, and you’re saving yourself loads of possible re-work.

Consider Premade Parts

There’s nothing wrong with using high quality premade parts, because they can be adjusted to a great extent. But there’s the benefit of saving so much time as well, because how much difference can be found in buttons? As a starting tool, consider premade parts.

Avoid Distractions

Chances are you do most of your work on your computer, so take away all the distractions. Whether you have shortcuts to social media pages, or your files are scattered around your desktop, get everything in order and out of sight.

Always Start With A Solid Wireframe

A solid wireframe is where every good site starts, and it’s recommended to try the initial designs in black and white. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a pencil and paper, or a program on your PC. But by using black and white creates a more practical basis to work from.

There you have some great systemizing tips to make your workload go by faster.

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