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Strategies On How To Use Design To Motivate Users To Sign Up

Strategies On How To Use Design To Motivate Users To Sign Up

In order to motivate a customer to sign up requires extensive knowledge, decision making and testing.  You not only have to build an attractive landing page, but you also need to consider methods for capturing visitors information, branding, buttons, images and the written copy that you use.

In this article, we will be providing you with tips to help maximize your sign ups.

Testing plays a significant role in obtaining sign ups, given that not every email list, service or product is the same.  For example, a hosting company might need to walk prospective customers through an entire process of pricing, production selection as well as the shopping cart process to get conversions, whereas a blog may only need to to have a short and simple sign up form posted to get sign ups.

You will soon discover that design helps with gaining people’s trust, guiding the movement of customers, and helping to remove the desire of visitors to want to leave your webpage.  The following are some important tips on how to motivate users through design to want to sign up for your mailing list, products and services.

Start To Engage With Users Immediately

It is critical to grab a visitor’s attention immediately.  Consider using the entire screen to try to convert individuals to sign up for your email list.

Popups used to be frowned upon, but the evolution of popup design has changed things.  You may want to consider using tools such as popups, promotional bars, slide-ins and welcome mats to increase the number of sign ups you can get for your business.  There are plenty of studies that show that pop ups bring more benefits than harm and they are an excellent way to increase your sign ups

Use Copywriting To Solve Problems Instead Of Describing Your Company Or Products

It is so common to see homepages and landing pages that discuss the company and list product features.  But guess what?  Customers don’t care about your products and company.  They care about their own needs and want and tend to respond to things based on their emotions.  Therefore, if you can solve customers problems for them, they are much more likely to sign up with you.  Instead of talking about product features, show people how your products or services can solve the customer’s problems.

Strategies On How To Use Design To Motivate Users To Sign Up

Be Upfront About Your Cost And Make Sure They Are Easy To understand

It isn’t a great idea to state your prices right under your landing page’s call to act. However, if you don’t reveal all of the necessary information then your goal of motivating users to sign up via your design is thwarted.

People do really care about pricing.  It is one of the main things that motivates people when signing up for a service or product. Be sure to let people know if you are giving something away for free!

If you have several different pricing plans, be sure to introduce them in the early part of the process so you don’t annoy anyone or make them feel misled.  Transparency is key.  Make sure customers now what they can expect to pay from the start.

Leverage Social Media, Testimonials and Reviews

Reviews and ratings are very powerful.  You can see evidence of this by how well it works at Amazon.  People like to purchase and sign up for things based on other people’s recommendations.

That great thing about this is that consumers tend to trust both strangers and friends, which makes reviews, testimonials and other types of social credibility both powerful and essential.  If you are selling a B2B service or product, testimonials are especially effective, given that you normally only need to convince one individual at a company in order to seal the deal.  Another thing you can do is have testimonials from several people within the industry.


5.  Make Forms As Easy To Use As Possible

When it comes to sign up forms, if money is not involved then limit your sign up form to just name and email for a email list.  Include a password form for accounts.  Cut down on how much time customers need to spend on a sign up form as much as possible to increase conversions.

Use Text and Graphics That Support and Are Relevant to Your Call to Actions

Frame your text and imagery so that is focuses on your call to action.  Your goal here it to direct the eyes to your call or action, whether that happens to be a sign up form or button.

Given that the call of action is the main way that individual click through to signup for your mailing list, product or service, it is critical that you make sure that your customer’s attention is focused on the sign up form or button.

7.  Consider Using Quick Tutorials, Videos And Tours

A great example of this is Dropbox.  The company includes several tutorials on its main landing page.  So if a customer isn’t familiar with your product or service, if you have a video that explains it they may be much more likely to sign up after watching the video.

Remember What Your Customers Are Motivated By

As previously mentioned, customers are motivated by various things, including emotion, pricing,  knowledge, simplicity, readability and much more.

If you are able to touch on even just a few of them, you will be successful.

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